So you want to be a speaker at Ignite Waterloo?

  • Posted on: April 15, 2013
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We are planning the next Ignite Waterloo event for June. Now is the time to think of being a speaker. There are so many people who know such interesting things, and we want to hear about them all. Briefly, of course.

Are you geekily passionate about something? Do you have an interest, job or hobby that is … well … unique? Could you share a facet or three in a deep dive for 5 minutes? Do you know someone who fits the bill?

If so, check out what it means to be a speaker and how to apply, and come on out to a speaker workshop. Each workshop is all about sharing your talk ideas. With the help of a few past speakers, we’ll help you find that topic sweet spot.

Our upcoming workshops are:
– Tuesday, April 16, 5pm, Little Bean, Kitchener
– Thursday, May 16, 7pm, McCabe’s, Kitchener

Come on out!